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A Master of Comics - Scott McCloud

Figure A

Scott McCloud is an American Cartoonist and Comic Theorist, he is best know for his work, Making Comics, Understanding Comics and Reinventing Comics.

Within this work he uses comic’s as a format to explain the theories and fundimentals on almost every aspect about comic as a medium across the three novels.

Figure B

Scott McCloud has used a very simple and relatable cartoon of himself allowing his work to connect with a larger audience although his drawing capabilities go much further than this simple style. Furthermore, he utilizes a shift of style drawing on these more complex abilities allowing him to describe a subject in other dimensions than just with his simple cartoons. This well-thought-out shift in style draws the viewer further into the topic engaging them in ways other mediums couldn’t do.

Figure C

As shown in figure C, it is possible to demonstrate a mood and feeling within the comic with the style it’s drawn, allowing the artist to immerse the viewer in the world in which their story takes place. This is something McCloud has a great understanding of and executes very well within his work.

Figure D

McCloud uses an intelligent way of communicating to the audience with the combination of text and imagery. The way in which he utilises this format allows for an extremely enjoyable way of learning his theories, and for some a more comprehensible way of taking in the knowledge. This system of teaching can help visual learners and considering the audience he is appealing being mostly artist and visual thinkers the subject matter and form chosen to communicate it in are very fitting.

Scott McCloud is very established with how he communicates his ideas through his artwork, this is something that no doubt comes with a lot of practice and understanding of theories on how to communicate with the audience, but also understanding imagery and how it can be used to enhance interaction.

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